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Sea Freight

Through partnership with our Owner-Farm El Capiro SA, OFC ships to Port Everglades weekly via sea freight.  Our Dutch-Tec Mums have been tested to perform better via Sea Freight than by standard Air Freight services.  The key is Temperature Control.  After harvest, Chrysanthemums are chilled and maintained at 34 degrees until arrival in your hands.  With no heat variance as occurs by Air Freight, there is a significant reduction in disease and marked improvement in vase-life.

From loading in Medellin, to unloading in Miami, Sea Freight is the optimal transport of cut Chrysanthemums.  Orange Flower Connect is on the leading edge of this capability with containers arriving weekly in Miami.  Once you’ve experienced the benefits that Sea Freight provides, Air Freight will look like as obsolete as a horse and carriage!


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